Philosophy Class Summer schedule


Philosophy is  essential for understanding the eastern arts of Aikido and Zen Brush.  There is a balance in the connection between thinking and doing: if one  only thinks there is no agency and if one only acts the agency is  thoughtless and uncultivated. But what most of us are after is  thoughtful agency. This is referred to as the Mind/Body connection.  Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living.

Philosophy Classes

Once a month a Saturday class is dedicated to the study of the philosophy underlying Aikido and Zen Brush. 

For this 4th year of the Philosophy class, students have chosen to read the Kojiki.

Class schedule


Sensei Perry is a PhD in Philosophy and has taught Philosophy in the California State University System at Fullerton and at Los Angeles before retiring to open her first dojo - Musubi Dojo.

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