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Covid 19 clips - In process of building this section

Beginning on March 18, 2020 Susan Perry began recording a short weekly clip on differing relevant topics to help her students during the time that all classes and workshops  were closed.


Be Ready Covid clip 5/24/2020

Covid Clip 5/17/2020

2020 Graduation ceremony for the entire country!!

Covid clip 5/10/2020

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Covid 19 clip May 3, 2020


Covid 19 clip 4/26/2020

From O-sensei memorial talk during Covid 19 pandemic.

Covid clip 4/19/2020

keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Covid clip 4/12/2020

Cultivate yourself

Covid Clip 4/5/2020

Cook and make yourself healthy.

Covid Clip 3/29/2020

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Covid clip 3/22/2020

Stay informed and enjoy the flowers.

covid clip 3/18/2020

Check out this great video