The Art of Aikido

Morihei   Ueshiba (1883-1969), to whom Aikido practitioners refer as "O-Sensei,"   was one of the world's most celebrated martial artists. His gift was  to  marry effective martial technique with a deep spirituality. A master  of  many martial arts, he brought out of budo (the martial path) a deep   philosophical element. His influence on philosophical thinkers as well   as martial artists has been profound.

      Aikido is an art that, through its  martial application, teaches  students how to be peaceful yet protected  and confident citizens of the  world. Based on the spiral nature of the  natural world, Aikido teaches  movement that is as powerful as it is  profound; a martial system based  on an ancient practice of  purification.

      Aikido is a deep art; it is deep  philosophically and it is steeped in  an ancient martial tradition.  Based on the art of the Samurai sword,  modern Aikido practice owes much  to the lessons of distancing and timing  that sword arts offer (not to  mention posture and a strong and certain  center). These are critical  elements in a martial art. In Aikido  practice we train to develop good  skills in all of these elements.  Aikido trains students to be  courageous and fierce in one's moral  commitments.
      But Aikido is compassionate as well. Becoming fierce and strong is  not  enough in a bright and balanced person. To make the correct  decision and  to have the confidence to stay the course as well as to  find the most  peaceful manner in which to proceed is part of the  training. Aikido will  develop patience in a person if only because it  takes a long time to  become accomplished in this art.

Susan Perry


Continuous Aikido Training


Aikido program at Alexander Hughes Ctr with Sensei Susan Perry

Aikido is a non-violent Japanese martial art based on the Samurai sword arts . It is typically practiced with a partner on a matted surface . Aikido is often called, “The Way of Harmonious Energy” . 

You can begin your Aikido practice in a variety of ways through the Alexander Hughes Center. Jump in and train with us 4 x a week with Full Registration

Not ready to commit fully? Register for 1/2 the offered classes - choose which of the 4 weekly classes you want to attend (you can always upgrade to Full Registration). Or dip your toe in by registering for 8 classes (you can always upgrade from here). There is a mat fee for visiting Aikido students as well. 


Tue Wed Thu 

7:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Sat 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

 Ages 16-Adult 

Instructor: Perry sensei, practicing in her 41st year of Aikido, is a Rokudan (6th degree blackbelt) in Aikido.

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2019 Aikido Calendar

Jan 8 - May 2,

Wtr term in session - begin anytime!

7:30p - 9p

Mt Baldy Rm, Alexander Hughes Ctr, Clmt

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Jan 8 - May 2,

Wtr term in session - begin anytime!

At the Alexander Hughes Ctr students may elect to register for a full series of classes, a half series, or a series of 8 classes. 

Our weekly schedule is T/W/Th 7:30 - 9pm and Sat 10:30a-12:30p

For visitors who have permission of the instructor, a drop in fee for a one time class may be paid.

7:30p - 9p

Mt Baldy Rm, Alexander Hughes Ctr, Clmt