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Aiko Institute a non profit educational institute


About aiko

Aiko Institute was named after Aikido's founder: Morihei Ueshiba O-sensei.  Aiko from his posthumous name - Aiko no Mikoto - made from the characters for Love and Light. O-sensei is said to have enjoyed the "word" play on the character for Love as it is pronounced the same way as the first character in Aikido - Harmony

About Us


Our Instructor


Susan Perry is the founder and President of Aiko Institute. She holds several credentials pertinent to her position with Aiko Institute: a PhD in Philosophy, a Rokudan (6th degree blackbelt) in Aikido, and a Godan (5th degree blackbelt) in Japanese Calligraphy. 


She continues to develop her skills in the eastern arts that she has been studying for over 42 years. She was a founder, instructor and dojo-cho of Musubi Dojo for over 35 years. Also she and her late husband published Aikido Today Magazine, a non partisan, international magazine for 20 years. She is an author of books and articles on Aikido.


Perry is a practicing Zen Brush artist residing in Mt Baldy, CA. Her work is on display and offered for sale at Pomona Valley Artist Association's SOHO gallery located in Montclair Place (Plaza) in Montclair, Ca as well as on her artist web page:  She has shown extensively in local venues as well as in juried art exhibitions of the PVAA and AAIE where her artwork has won awards.